Are You a Good Candidate for i-Lipo Treatments?

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If you are considering i-Lipo treatments in Chicago, then it is crucial that you speak with a professional first to ensure that you are a good candidate for the procedure. i-Lipo is a liposuction alternative that offers similar results to traditional liposuction, but in a shorter amount of time and hassle. 

Every patient is different, so while one person may make a good candidate, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are right for the procedure as well. Some of the most common types of patients who make good candidates for i-Lipo include the following:

  • Patients with areas of extra fat in specific areas of the body that will not respond to diet or exercise
  • Patients within approximately 20 pounds of their ideal weight 
  • Patients who do not have much hanging fat or loose skin
  • Active patients who are in generally good health
  • Patients who prefer local anesthesia and lower impact procedures

Laser liposuction is intended for those stubborn areas of the body that are not responding to other weight-loss methods. However, it cannot help to tighten up loose areas of skin. If you have skin that is too loose or has not tightened up after a surgical procedure, then laser lipo is not what you are looking for. Traditional liposuction or a tummy tuck may be a better suit for your needs and expectations.

How Many Treatments Will You Need?

The pain-free procedure can usually be completed during one quick appointment. Some patients require up to eight follow-up sessions to achieve the results they are looking for. As is the case with any procedure, if you require significant results, you may need to visit more often. 

In most cases, your medical condition and history are the biggest determinants for whether i-Lipo treatments in Chicago are right for you. Schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience for more information on what the procedure entails and whether it is right for you.

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When to Hire an Experienced Real Estate Attorney

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When you enter into a tenant and landlord dispute, there are several things that can happen. You have to be careful because you are fighting over your home; however, you have certain rights as a renter or lease owner. Therefore it’s important to hire an experienced real estate attorney in San Jose who can help you through the process.

What You Want

The first thing your lawyer will want to know is what it is that you’re looking to gain. Do you want your landlord to say they’re sorry, fix the disputed items in the apartment or house, and then promise to do better? Or, are you looking to get out of your lease or rental agreement so you can move on to greener pastures?

Keep Calm

As with any dispute or disagreement, emotions are going to run high on both sides. If you can work to understand your landlord’s point of view, then a compromise is much more likely to happen outside of court. If you dig in, fire attacks at their personal character, and refuse to listen, then the issue will likely go to court. Your lawyer can help to mediate an agreement that both of you can live with if not feel confident in; but, a judge will lay down the law and you could both walk away unhappy.

Hire a Lawyer

Staying calm is much easier when you have a lawyer in your corner. If you show up to a meeting and your landlord has representation and you don’t, it’s fine to postpone until you can hire an attorney.

Don’t take too long to find a suitable law office. There are several options when looking for an experienced real estate attorney in San Jose, that specialize in rental disputes. Don’t use your divorce lawyer in this battle. Real estate law is complex and needs a specialist. Your landlord will probably have a lawyer on retainer that they’ve used before so don’t get side-swiped; be prepared.

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What Does a Medical Malpractice Lawyer Do

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There are all kinds of attorneys out there ready to represent just about anyone on any type of case. Just turn on the TV any afternoon and you’ll see plenty of cheesy lawyer commercials. But malpractice attorneys are a little different than the rest. They’re not all ambulance chasers as some commercials might make them out to be. If you’re wondering about what a medical malpractice lawyer in Erie, PA, does and if you need one, read this quick article for some help.

What Do They Do?

A malpractice attorney will help you through the process of a lawsuit or settlement if you have been injured in any way due to the negligence of a doctor, hospital, or other care practitioner you were receiving care from. On the opposite side, they also represent doctors and medical facilities who are being accused of negligence by a patient or their family.

How Do You Know if You Need One?

For patients, you may need an attorney if you have gotten an infection from the doctor’s office or hospital, if the physician failed to diagnose you correctly, been given the wrong prescriptions or medications at the hospital, or even if you or a loved one have been injured during a surgery.

For doctors, you need a lawyer any time you even hear mention of someone coming after you. In fact, it’s a good idea to have one on retainer once you can afford one. If you work at a hospital or a large medical office, they may already have lawyers on staff.

How Much Do They Cost?

Although every medical malpractice lawyer in Erie, PA is bills clients differently, most of them offer to work on a contingency fee basis. If you’re the plaintiff, this means that they don’t get pain unless they get you a settlement. If they are representing the doctor, they usually have an hourly fee which can get pricey. So if you’re a patient and even suspect you may need an attorney, it doesn’t hurt to at least give one a call. If you’re a doctor, get one on retainer yesterday!

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A Personal Injury Lawyer Is There To Help You

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personal injury lawyer in CullmanThere are numerous ways that you can be hurt in an accident. You can slip and fall on the sidewalk, you can get in a car accident, or you might be bitten by someone’s dog. However you were injured, it is important that the person who injured you take responsibility for the accident. Occasionally, you might encounter someone who refuses to accept that the accident was their fault, but most of the time people understand that they are at fault and must make things right. Usually this means that the person will refer your case to their insurance company. This is good, but it can also be bad and lead to more pain for you. Insurance companies are not known for being fair to the people they are supposed to be helping. If you live or were injured in the Cullman, Alabama area, and are having problems with the insurance company, you should find a personal injury lawyer in Cullman to help you fight back.

Insurance Companies Don’t Like Lawyers

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How to Avoid Winter Auto Collisions

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Even if you live in an area that isn’t being buried in snow, winter brings freezing wind, rain, and holiday traffic. Mix it all together and you have the recipe for perfect accident conditions. Christmas time is the absolute worst time for a auto collision, even when it’s just your car that is damaged. Money is tight and you and your family are rushing from place to place trying to get ready for the holiday. Use some helpful tips to keep safe on the roads this winter.

Keep Your Car Clean

Certainly make sure your front windshield, rear window, and side windows are kept as clean as possible at all times. Scrape off snow and ice, and wash off mud and grime. But keeping your car winter ready goes beyond the exterior. Experts say even the interior of the car can affect the safety of your driving. Wash the insides of your windows with a streak-free cleaner, but make sure your car is free of junk that may limit your visibility. Even items sliding around can cause a driver to look down and quickly make a grab for something, only to cause a collision with the stopped car in front of him or her.

Concentrate on Driving

Many people’s cars are like a second home to them, complete with hot beverage, loud music, cell phones, dinner-to-go, and kids. If possible, make your outings in your car as distraction-free as possible. Wait until arriving home to eat your food, settle your kids’ arguments, and, especially, call or text with your phone. Studies have shown that cell phone usage makes you just as judgement-impaired while driving as being inebriated. Give yourself plenty of room on the road, try not to rush yourself, and be aware of your surroundings. Don’t risk even second-long lapses in concentration if you can help it. A lot can happen in that one second.

If You Do Have an Accident…

Collisions happen, but they can get even worse after the initial collision. For example, drivers and passengers involved in a collision often get hurt, especially during the winter months, by stepping out of their vehicle into moving traffic. Sleet and snow at night can cause unrelated injuries, and escalate the seriousness of the situation quickly. If you do get into an accident, stay in your vehicle. If you must get out, use the door on the opposite side of traffic if possible. Wait until a traffic cop can come and redirect traffic. Keep your hazard lights on. When it’s snowing, raining, or even just dark, oncoming traffic may not see you until it’s too late. As a habit during the winter, you should almost always drive with your headlights on to avoid an accident.

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Your Case Will Go Better With a Personal Injury Attorney

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The accident was terrible, and it wasn’t your fault. One minute you had been driving along in Roswell, GA and entering an intersection; the next minute you saw a car coming at you fast. You didn’t have enough time to react. The car slammed in to your car and you knew the instant of the impact that your car was totaled and you were hurt. It seemed like an eternity before the ambulance came and you were sent to the hospital. Now, after staying in the hospital and getting treatment, you are starting to worry about the insurance company. Shouldn’t they have contacted you by now? Shouldn’t they be taking care of the expenses? If the insurance company you are dealing with is anything like most other insurance companies, you are likely heading for a stressful situation that might end up with you needing to hire an attorney. If this situation sounds familiar at all, you should contact a Roswell, GA personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney will be able to help you with your case against the insurance company.

How Can an Attorney Help You?

The insurance company does not want you to hire an attorney. It is that simple. They know that if you get an attorney involved, they are going to have to take your case more seriously. They also know that your attorney has the power to take them to court where you can get even more money than you would have if they had just paid you the original amount. The important thing to remember is that you don’t try to fight the insurance company on your own. This is just the sort of mistake that the insurance company wants you to make. If the insurance company offers you a fair settlement, that is one thing and you might be able to get away without hiring an attorney. However, most insurance companies are not going to offer you enough money to cover all of the expenses that came about because of the accident. When in doubt about an offered settlement, call an attorney.

Which Attorney Should You Call?

You might need to do some research before you hire an attorney. After all, hiring an attorney who doesn’t know what he or she is doing is just as bad as not hiring an attorney at all. One of the first things you should look at is how much experience the attorney has. This is important because not all attorneys are created equal, and the attorneys with the most experience are usually the ones that can serve you best. It is also important for you to look at comments from the attorney’s former clients and see what these people say about the attorney. Were they happy with the work he or she did? Did they receive a settlement from the insurance company that covered all of their expenses? You should even see whether or not the attorney tried to add hidden charges or expenses. 

Relax and Let Your Attorney Do Their Job

Once you have done some research and found a Roswell, GA personal injury attorney that you feel will help you with your case, you can usually relax and just let the attorney do their job and represent you with the insurance company. After all, you need to focus on recovering from your injuries and getting back to work. Your attorney will negotiate a fair settlement for you and get you the money you deserve.


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Common Zoning Law Problems for Business Owners

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Real estate lawyers are an invaluable part of the legal community, especially to business owners and residents of areas that may be affected by violations or changes in their area’s zoning regulations. Whether you are interested in changing or defending local zoning regulations, you are going to need the help of a qualified real estate attorney like those found at


Dealing with Nonconforming Use

When it comes to zoning laws, there are some problems that are more common than others. Among the most common is the issue of nonconforming use. This problem is often created when zoning laws change. There are two ways in which someone may be guilty of nonconforming use: when the activity going on is not allowed within the zone or when the physical building does not conform to building regulations. An example of the activity being non-conforming is running a business in a residential area. Chances are the business was up and running long before the city board decided to change the zoning laws. In almost all cases like this, the business will be grandfathered in but with limitations on how the business may continue to be run. Usually, the limitation is that if the business were to close down or change hands, it would have to conform to the new zoning regulations. In this case, it would need to become housing.

The other nonconforming use issue happens in much the same way as the first. If a town decides that all buildings must be made of a certain colored brick, any non-conforming buildings will usually be grandfathered in but may be given a certain number of years to come into line with the rest of the buildings in the zone. 


Dealing with Conditional Use

Another issue many people, especially aspiring business owners, face is that of conditional use. This is kind of like one of those pesky “if, then” logic puzzles. Basically, what these mean is that a business owner can conduct business if he or she meets one or more other requirements as set by the town board. An example of this would be that a restaurant can serve alcohol within town limits as long as they do not serve that alcohol without an accompanying meal. 


Exceptions to the Rules

As with most things governmental or legal, there are always exceptions to the rules. In zoning law, these exceptions are called variances and require a special permit which is provided by the town board. Often times, these variances have to do with the configuration of a parcel of land which isn’t suitable for what it was bought to do. Usually, as long as you can prove that a particular zoning law is an undue hardship, you can convince the board to issue a variance permit. 

If you are trying to build a home or start a business, it is always a good idea to check with a local real estate attorney, like those found at about whether your intentions will conform to the zoning laws of the area. 


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